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Last Updated 10/22/99

Welcome to my racing diecast news page. Here you will find what is out and what is coming out in the world of die cast.

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new05.gif11/ 6/99

Home Depot stores have exclusive Tony Stewart cars. They include a 1/64 2 pack with the home depot and habitat car, and a 1/24 home depot, and habitat

1/43 Tony Stewart car from winners circle has been released.

Winners Circle also has a Alan Kulwicki 3 car series that includes the army, zerex, and hooters cars


Winners Circle has come out with Some new series. They have a 3 car set with a 1/24, 1/43, and 1/64. They have new fantasy sets out.(Comes with car/boat/and jet.) They also have a stats and standings collection now. 

A new diecast group has comeout. It's called IPM. They make 1/12 scale porcelain car


Winners Circle has released nascar micro machines. I think there are 4 different sets out.

Hot Wheels Pro Racing has released the hall of fame series with 4 different cars out.

Racing Champions has updated there site with more cars in the shop.

The Winners Circle webpsite has the exclusive Boscov's Jeff Gordon SLU for sale.

Toys R Us has a exclusive Geoffery car in all scales.



1/24 Jimmy Spencer Zippo car has been released by Racing Champions

RCCA had there catalog full of new cars including the Home Depot/Habitat for Humanity car.

RCCA Selectnet still has the Dale Earnhardt Jr Wrangler car. Order one if you want one                                                                                                                                      


RCCA Selectnet has released the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wrangler car.

Racing Champions website has been updated

Bobby Labonte's older cars have been going up in price especially  his Dentyne and Maxwell House cars.





It may be too late to pick up the Tony Stewart Home Depot car at a good price but you can still pick up his shell car at a descent price on some sites. Also the Home Depot indycar is a good buy. Don't pass these cars up.

Since announcing his retirement  many of  Darrell Waltrip's older and overlooked cars has been getting more attention from collectors.  Lately, his Gatorade, Mountain Dew and Budweiser cars has been very popular.  Pick them up now before it get too expensive next year.

Team Caliber is planning to release an Adam Petty Spree car soon. 


RCCA Selectnet has released the Cruz Pedregon funny car.

Racing Champions sponsor series has been out for about a month now. They include a 1/24 and 1/64 car on a stand. There are 2 out right now. They include the Valvoline and K-Sentials.

Lots of stores are pre ordering Tony Stewarts's HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. Most of the time the second car made in die cast does not go for as much. Look for the same of this car.

People are receiving the 1/24 RC Premier Mark Martin cars. I know that the Zerex and Valvoline are available, but the Eagle One I don't know for sure. The banks are limited to only 500.  I notice that his 91' Folgers car made by Action in 95 is going up.


All the WWF funny cars have been released. Looks like there are 6 different ones out. They include Steve Austin, Undertaker, The Rock, Mankind, Degeneration X and Kane. They are made by Roadchamps.

Hot wheels has release the Pit cruisers series. They are golf carts with nascar decals. There are 4 out. They include hot wheels, stp, valvoline, and tide. They are limited to 15,000

The Racing champions website was updated. The shop was filled with more gold, and platinum cars. On the up coming releases it did say it was going to release a Jimmy Spencer Zippo car.  Look for that item to be hot.

RCCA had their new cars for sale last Friday at the new time of 5:00pm.   The Mark Martin J-Mar car sold out really fast. It took 3 days to sell out of all Earnhardt Jr. Wrangler Cars

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